The Best Indoor Office Plants to Reduce Stress and Purify the Air

Employees design their offices so they can take advantage of the health benefits of indoor plants. Office ergonomics is not just about the device we use, but the whole environment. Indoor plants can make us feel less stressed, improve air quality, and improve the appearance of the office.

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Office workers spend most of their day indoors. Research shows that indoor air quality is often far more dangerous than outside air. Indoor air can be contaminated with dust, allergies, mold, VOCs, poisons and chemicals.

Pollutants can irritate our respiratory system, cause skin problems and common diseases. Building-related illnesses include Legionnaire's disease, asthma, hypersensitive pneumonitis and wet fever. A NASA study in the late 1980s found that some ornamental plants act as natural filters and eliminate some of the dangerous poisons in the air.

Research also shows that adding a plany to an office can make employees happier, increase job satisfaction, and increase productivity by up to 15%. Some researchers believe that humans need to be connected to nature, called biophilia.

Some people make the mistake of choosing plants that like the appearance, rather than choosing plants based on their suitability. Just like in our home, most offices have areas with natural light, artificial light, and lack of all light sources.

You must consider how much light (artificial or natural) it will receive. A plant that works well in one place in an office can shrink and die in another. Therefore, you should also consider heating and air conditioning.