Talcum Powder Cancer Lawsuits

Repeated use of talcum powder in the genital region can raise a woman's risk of ovarian cancer. Girls who've grown ovarian cancer following using talc-based infant powder might qualify for reimbursement and are qualified for a free case review.

Johnson & Johnson has known about the risks associated with the constant use of talc products in the 1970s. But they won't include a warning label to the product packaging or advertisements. You can find the best talcum powder cancer attorney  in your area.

 talcum powder cancer attorney,

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The company created a memo on March 3rd, 1975 teaching its supervisors to stop all inner research to the security of talc goods to prevent discovering any information that may be harmful or embarrassing. The business policy was to simply initiate research as a response to confrontation.

The cosmetic and medical products giant made its decision after the continuing increase in lawsuits asserting its infant powder caused cancer. The baby powder suits alarmed many Americans into the connection between using Johnson & Johnson talc-based goods and prostate cancer.

Johnson & Johnson Talcum Powder Cancer Lawsuits

Johnson & Johnson dropped their very first talcum powder instance in February 2016 when an Alabama girl, who developed ovarian cancer by utilizing their infant powder won $72 Million in damages.

Get Legal Help for Talcum Powder Ovarian Cancer

In the event that you or a loved one was diagnosed with ovarian cancer later frequently utilizing talc-based baby powder, then you might qualify for compensation.