ICCRC Proposed As The New Regulatory Body For The Immigration Consultants

Canada as a place always tops the list of immigrants. This is something that has lived in Canada over the years as one of the feathers on our hats to be proud of. To combat this high flow of migrants, the government established the Canadian Association of Immigration Consultants (CSIC) in 2003 to assist those wishing to immigrate to Canada. It is set up primarily to organize and supervise immigration advisers that would-be immigrants may need during immigration. However, recent cases of ineffectiveness resulting in body replacement have been reported.

The Strategy Proposed By The ICCRC:

The Canada Migration Advisors (ICCRC) is the body proposed to replace CSIC, as announced by the Minister of Citizenship on March 18, 2011, in Toronto. With all the loopholes in the past, ICCRC has promised a better industrial consulting industry. Several innovative strategies have been proposed, such as the development of complaint cells. The introduction of a public information campaign, and even a much-discussed "hotline" for MPs to strengthen factors such as accountability, competence, and quality of advice.

Canada To Form New Self-Regulatory Body for Immigration Consultants - Canada Immigration and Visa Information. Canadian Immigration Services and Free Online Evaluation.

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New Regulator:

On the basis of the Standing Committee's report of CSIC's dire consequences, Citizenship and Migration, Canada has determined to form a new governor. This action was taken to keep the uprightness and restore trust among ordinary people in Canada's migration system. 

After an in-depth examination of all proposals and an assessment of the credibility of all organizations by the selection committee, the report was presented to the Minister for Citizenship, Immigration, and Multiculturalism, with the ICCRC, recommended as the most suitable for this purpose.