How To Mount A Flat Screen Television

Practically no one has a CRT (cathode ray tube) television anymore, and entertainment centers are quickly becoming outdated furniture pieces, so what does one do with the brand new flat screen that they just bought?

The first thing you need to do is to determine the wall area for television mounting and then buy a bracket for your new TV.

Typically, you get a mounting bracket that sells a flat-panel display, and some brackets come with instructions that you can actually hang on the wall and use as a visual guide for mounting the bracket.

Brackets are usually sold based on the size and weight of the TV that is installed. So if you bought the installation sometime after you bought the TV, have this information ready when you go to the store. Next, you need to find a spike finder.

Use this to measure the distance between the pins on the wall where you attach the wall bracket to hang the flat screen. To use the search pen, simply place it on the wall and press the start button while sliding the pen against the wall until the pen emits a long beep indicating that the pen has been found.

Place a marker there and continue along the wall to find the next post. Repeat for the length of the TV stand. Ultimately, you want at least two mounting tips.