How Green Roof With Cistern Can Help Prevent Flooding?

Does your city experience a lot of floods? If yes, then you should install a green roof on your house, but with a cistern, because that is how you can keep your house safe at the time of floods. Find out how a green roof with cistern help prevents flooding in cities.

The excess of buildings, paved areas, and residences in low-lying areas along with the accumulation of solid waste contribute to a scenario of floods in cities. One possible solution is to cushion and maintain part of the rainwater in cisterns.

These cisterns can be built on the roofs of houses, under green roofs – another architectural solution to environmental problems. Green roofs are one of the most popular roofing systems because of their environmentally friendly nature, but when you add cisterns to the mix, then things become a lot more beneficial. You can ask an experienced roofer to have cisterns installed on your green roof.

In the conventional system, rainwater seeps over tiles and goes through the sidewalks and streets with all the dirt and debris. If you add a cistern lab, the impurities will be collected in one spot, which can be used for the irrigation of the green roof. Or, you can also use it for gardening and non-potable purposes such as flushing toilets.