Get To Know About History of Axe Throwing in Brief

If you throw the axe in your spare time and have played this game then you probably know where this game has come from, right? You can enjoy a game of axe throwing by clicking at:- 

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The throwing axe dates back to around the 5th century.  Franks, who was a tribe of northern Europe, started using it as a weapon. Soldiers in battle used to roll multiple axes and threw them hard at the enemy.

A similar repetition of the throwing axe developed in human history: Francis, the very menacing-looking ax, was widely used in the Middle Ages, while the North American Indians used the tomahawk, a special type of axe.

This sport was basically invented and found by the ancient Celts and has since become popular in the Nordic countries. It's even used by Scouts!

Later, in the 19th century, loggers and forest workers, who were isolated from the general public and had no leisure time, competed with each other by throwing double axes at self-made targets.

The development of this activity in modern times is increasing, particularly in Canada where the ax-throwing frenzy began before it reached the United States. These days, axe throwing is played by everyone.

Whether you're throwing the axe for a team-building event or having fun with friends on a Friday night, there are great ways to show your group your knowledge of the history of the sport.