Closing Pool With The Above Ground Winter Pool Cover

It is important for an above ground pool to close during the off season. This prevents accidents. Another advantage to close the pool is to avoid collecting debris.

When we are left open all season, expect negative effects from the winter. Making a step in the right closure of your pool increases the life of your recreational investment. Proper installation of a soil winter cover above saves your time, money, and also your child. You can also buy pool enclosures for your pool from companies like 

Step 1: Check for leaks

Start the first step in an above ground pool by checking for water leaks. This is quite surprising advice for pool owners above ground, but what is essential. Even a small leak in your pool can result in annihilating effects.

As water continues to drain, the ice formed on the surface will lose its support (which is water). When the weather is warmer, the ice will break down, causing your pool walls to become destroyed.

Step 2: Clean your pool

Prepare the pool cleaning products such as pool brush under vacuum and skimmer net. Use the skimmer net to get rid of debris floating in the pool. Brush the pool walls and sides using the cleaning devices.

Let your pool pump run for a day so that the impurities will be collected by the pool filters. Remove all pool accessories installed in your pool. This brand spreading your awning pools in winter is an easy job.

Step 3: Balance and winterize your pool water

Before winterizing water, use a water testing kit to check the chemical balance of the water. Having your water balanced in the closed season will make your pool ready for use in a spring. Follow the study guide in the application of chemicals.