Become More Productive With Video Sales Letters

Have you seen the latest addition to Google+?

This is called Google+ Hangouts; This now will allow small business owners on average to take advantage of social media marketing to promote products, services or hold a webinar on their own "Hangout" with very little video production skills required. Google has made it so easy to get started; the possibilities are endless. I kept thinking of more ways to use these hangouts for both the promotion of business and social gatherings with family and friends.

I do not know which niche to go after first, but here is the best part, webinars, video production and video sales letters are about to explode, they have been starting to become popular within certain markets on the internet over the last year, but they are about to become the next big thing in social media marketing. I can't wait to promote my clients, not only in their local market but anywhere around the world. You can find more about video sales letter on 

Making a video sales letter for your business can be a challenge, there is the actual message of the letter that needs to be written, then there is recording, editing, posting and promoting your video. So while it can be a do it yourself project it is probably best to seek professional help.

Another great feature of Google+ Hangouts is that it will record and store your video sales message, allowing those who don't watch it right away the ability to watch it later when it is more convenient for them, it's available 24/7, and for those who did watch and need to have more than one decision maker involved in the sales process can recap the points covered and topics discussed with everyone concerned, together at their leisure.